Letter to the editor: Let’s fight back against drug abuse

It is common to read in the media of schools that are under siege with drugs and alcohol. It is important that we fight this scourge, thus leaving no room for drugs to take over. Raids by police in schools are becoming common.

Sadly, times have changed radically and parents are overcome by the challenges of the new generation. The travesty of drugs, alcohol and its consequences in schools should be rightfully dealt with at all levels.

We, as parents, and the community at large need to be part of the solution. Drugs and alcohol are becoming a norm in many schools. It is also very disturbing to note there is a shortage of youth leaders and role models in our community.

The message of the abuse of drugs and alcohol and its consequences needs to be preached to children in all schools. Parents need to wake up from hibernation and actively involve themselves with their children’s welfare and more importantly educate their children on the dangers of drug abuse. Without a doubt, this is a terrifying world in which to raise our children and we need to be more hands on and vigilant in terms of their behaviour and habits.

Dhayalan Moodley

Mobeni Heights

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