‘Smart’ insights at annual ADF workshop

ADF director, Sam Pillay together with some of the Smart Club members and volunteers.

The Anti – Drug Forum (ADF) hosted its annual Smart Club workshop at the Woodhurst Multicultural Centre, last week.

A total of 25 primary schools and 20 secondary schools attended the programme. Pupils and teachers were educated on the latest trends associated with substance abuse and its related social ills.

The Smart Club concept was introduced by the ADF in schools all over Chatsworth. This is a sustainable, fun project where pupils conduct education and awareness programmes by themselves; on an on-going basis.

The Smart Clubs involve leadership roles such as chairman, treasurer, secretary and so forth, thus also allowing children to develop much needed leadership skills. The welcomed initiative helps to tackle social ills which hinder educational advancement to the youngsters in schools.

These social ills include substance abuse, delinquency and teenage pregnancy among other issues. Apart from launching the early intervention programme on substance abuse, the Anti-Drug Forum launched the Smart Clubs in schools to aid pupils and create a platform for positive change and attitude in schools.

Founder of ADF, Sam Pillay said, “The vision for the Smart Club concept is that it will serve as the bedrock for child and family life, as well as for future learning. It will be concerned with the holistic development of the young child and pupil, to ensure an environment characterised by safety, protection, anti-bias and cultural fairness, so that attitudinal and psychological healing, reconciliation and the start of nation building can take place at a young age.”

He explained that pupils can also learn to desist from the rampant social ills ravaging the country as well as learn more on the dangers of substance abuse.

“We would like to place on record our gratitude to the Woodhurst Multicultural Centre for use of the venue to host the workshop at no fee. Furthermore, appreciation is extended to all stakeholders and guest who conducted presentations and set up exhibitions. We also thank all pupils and teachers who attended programme and we trust that the Smart Club concept will be implemented accordingly at the respective schools.” For more information regarding the Smart Club concept, the Anti-Drug Forum and its services, call 031 404-6993.


Yoshini Perumal

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