Renew your relationship as Valentine’s Day approaches

Are you in love with your partner, or do you just love him or her? There is a big difference between just loving someone and being in love with that person. Being in love brings out the sparkle in your eye, the spring in your step, and the reason to look forward to every new day.

An unknown writer said, “Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.”

Now is a good time to review and renew your relationship.

Let us consider some ways to nurture your relationship. (Ref. Goldsmith B. in Psychology Today):

  1. Maintain a kind, constant, and honest communication. Without talking, your relationship will wither.
  2. Be willing to work through difficulties and disagreements. Don’t give up easily.
  3. Introduce humour, fun activities and distraction from the routine of life. Discuss how both could have some fun and relaxation and then do it.
  4. Learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them.
  5. Emotional support, validation and compliments strengthen relationships. You can only get closer if you let your partner know how much you care, love and respect him or her.
  6. Love, intimacy and romance are integral to a loving relationship. There must be a desire to be together as a couple. Many relationships burn out because the spark has gone. Find new ways to rekindle the flame.
  7. Share goals and dreams that you both identify with. Always ensure that you have a common goal that you both pursue. It is said that we are happier working towards a goal than when we have achieved one.
  8. Compassion, acceptance and forgiveness are your lifelines through difficult times. Accept the fact that any relationship will have challenges. View challenges as “ours”, rather than “yours” or “mine.”
  9. Both should be creative, daring and prepared to spice up your relationship. Couples who share new experiences together tend to develop a stronger bond.
  10. Admit your mistakes and be prepared to talk about them. Pride and defensiveness prolong acrimony.

Follow T. Tolis who said, “To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to be loved, that’s everything.”





Dr Guru Kistnasamy

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