MF reopens Montford office

Leader of the MF, Shameen Thakur Rajbansi together with respective party members.

The Minority Front has reopened its doors again in Montford, recently. The office was previously run by former councillor, Prakash Dasarath. The PR councillor for the Minority Front, Jonathan Annipen will be taking over.

The outcome of the election gave the MF one seat in parliament therefore the party deployed the councillor to the Chatsworth area. The office was closed during the period when the transition was taking place in the new council because the council had to get in agreement with the landlord so that they understand the logistics and demographics around the reopening.

They offer services of a council nature and will deal with issues related to utility bills, rates, local clinics, community services, proof of addresses, grass cutting, dumping, on site visits to the clinics, schools, police stations and hospitals.

The party has a strong history in Chatsworth. Although they did not win the votes, they took the office to show the community of Chatsworth that they care. They believe they will regain lost count.

MF leader, Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi said that the way parties run their offices is dictated by the outcomes of elections.

The fact that they only got one seat in parliament means that they have to work on a minimal budget but that will not affect how they care for people in the community. They believe that offices should be opened so members of the community can come in and get help with their problems. People must be comfortable sitting in an office so their voice can be heard. Most problems are personal.

Some people cannot afford taxi fare to go to city hall and government offices to get served and sometimes might not get served. The office is a benefit and Chatsworth is a huge area and Cllr Annipen will be working with issues pertaining to all the areas.

Former Cllr Dasarath said that people have been calling continuously asking for the office to be opened. People can go through and have a meeting with the councillor to address issues that’s concerning an NGO or business or social ills.


Nikita Chiniah

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