Appreciating the men and women in blue

Brig Marais together with members of the Chatsworth SAPS.

Station commander of the Chatsworth SAPS, Brig Coenraad Marais, expressed his gratitude towards the team at the Chatsworth SAPS who played a positive role in ensuring the safety of the community of Chatsworth, on Monday.

Brig Marais thanked members of the intervention groups who were seconded to operational duties where members were requested to work abnormal hours over the festive season.

“I acknowledge the positive job and leadership skills of my team leaders, Col Trevor Small and Col Krish Nair for their role they played in planning, co-ordinating and commitment in ensuring a safer festive season,” he said.

Brig Marais also thanked the Chatsworth Community Policing Forum, faith-based organisations, government departments and non-government organisations for supporting the men and women in blue as they went beyond the call of duty.

“We are thankful for the prayers that have kept the team safe over the festive season. As we celebrate National Police Day on January 27, may we continue to join hands and work towards a better society that we have been called to serve. It is my fervent prayer for protection of the men and women in blue to who risk their lives daily,” he added.

Yoshini Perumal

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