Bring back the death penalty

Desiree Murugan in happier times.

The article in the last issue of the Rising Sun Chatsworth, titled, ‘’Ritual killing accused found guilty,’ brings us back to the murder of Croftdene mother, Desiree Murugan.

These heartless criminals who stabbed Desiree more than 192 times and chopped of her head are the lowest scum of the earth.

This is definitely a wake-up call and sadly there is no value system and human dignity in place. My question is how do we persuade this type of criminals to subscribe and become law abiding citizens again? No chance some might say.

They cannot be rehabilitated. What is the alternative? I know I am wasting my breath by saying hang till you are dead. It is critical that every facet in society stand against crime which is showing an increase. It has to be debated with all role players.

We as a community need to mobilise all resources in the fight against all crime which is showing an increase. It will be a long time, and most certainly not in our time, to win the war with criminals. It seems the fish rots from the head and there are no positive role models or adequate deterrents. Bring back the death penalty.

Dhayalan Moodley

Mobeni Heights


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