‘Our mall is not a dumping ground’ – community activist

Irate residents of the area.

Merebank Shopping Mall businesses and patrons have had enough with illegal dumping and are cautioning the trash throwers to stop making the mall a dumping site or they will be fined.  A terrible stench permeates through air, rodents run wild, flies circle the fresh produce and dirt piled high are the effects of the illegal dumping taking place.

Various businesses, mall users and community activists came together to highlight the unbearable and unsightly condition that the mall is in. Speaking to the Rising Sun, Natraj Care Pharmacy manager, Preegie Govender said piles of rubbish bags, old sofas and accumulated dirt has been dumped at the entrance and surrounding areas of the mall causing a major health hazard.

“I have been working in the mall for many years and I am disgusted at the condition. People are not getting rid of their dirt the proper way and are just dumping all their unwanted rubbish and goods here. There are many food businesses and vegetable stalls at the mall. The flies which sit on the dirt also sit on the food which is unhygienic and can lead to serious health hazards. This needs to end. People who are dumping do not realise the consequences they are imposing on others,” said Govender.

A regular patron at the mall, Megan Naidoo said, “When you enter a shopping vicinity, you expect a clean, neat and hygienic area, but all we see is the filth which gives of an unbearable smell.  This is a major turn-off, people are destroying our once beautiful shopping area which we visit to get our daily fruits, vegetables and other goods. The community needs to work together to make the Merebank mall beautiful again.

Community activist, Sharin Rajman said, “The municipality recently cleaned the area but shortly thereafter the residents started discarding their filth again. The community needs to take ownership of their surroundings. We cannot live in filth and squalor. This mall is a landmark in Merebank. People from neighbouring areas shop at this centre. It has become such an eyesore and it will push shoppers to go elsewhere, causing a loss of business for the locals who are trying to make an honest living. Our mall is not a dumping ground. It is time for the discard their dirt in a proper manner. Anyone caught dumping will be fined.”


Nadia Khan

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