Gardener robs and stabs man

Victim, Allen Arumugam, was left shocked after the robbery.

A Merebank man is still reeling in shock after he was robbed and stabbed numerous times in his hands by a known gardener at a local dump-site, last Tuesday afternoon.

The distraught father, 53-year-old Allen Arumugam, hired a gardener who is known in the community to assist in cleaning his yard for the day. He spoke to the Rising Sun about his ordeal.

“I was approached by the gardener who worked for many families in the area. He asked me if I had any jobs for him and told him that I needed my front yard cleaned and would pay him his requested amount of R50. After cleaning out the wood and packing them into my van, we went to the dump-site. He was to return to clean up the balance.”

The injuries inflicted on Arumugam’s hand.

The injuries inflicted on Arumugam’s hand.

According to Arumugam, he entered the dump-site which had two employees on the premises.  They inspected the van and then went back to their office.

“I parked closely to the dumping area and told him to offload.  Then, I suddenly saw him standing at my window with a knife in his hand.  I tried to jump out, but he stabbed my hand. He then aimed for my neck, which I quickly blocked and then he began stabbing me repeatedly in my both my hands. He kept saying move your hand as he was aiming for my neck,” he said.

Arumugam added that he screamed for help and when he tried starting the vehicle, the gardener pulled out the key and reached into the vehicle, grabbed his bag which contained his pensioner’s card, bank cards, ID book, medical aid card and cash of over R2000.

The gardener then ran out of the yard and flung the vehicle keys and a R2 coin at him. “I was in utter shock, I did not expect this to happen as he was well known in the community. I want residents to be aware as he is still on the run and could come back into the area. People also need to be cautious when hiring help off the streets and not to fall for their sad stories.”

Wentworth SAPS media officer, W/O Ballan Reddi said, “A case of assault GBH is currently being investigated.”

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