LETTER: School fees must fall

It is very frustrating and parents have had enough of the high price they need to pay especially uniforms. Over a period of time, many schools will insist that only a few limited school suppliers will provide uniform. It is time the Competition Commission acts fast as parents are losing thousands of rand because of exclusive supplier arrangements.

My heart bleeds for parents and I am outraged at schools that send debt collectors to demand money for school fees that are not paid. It is time the Department of Education take strict action against principals who hold back children reports and intimidate parents.  Some of the governing bodies should look at saving the parents and go the simple route with plain grey pants, white shirt and a blazer which will be enormous saving for the parents. Maybe it’s time parents re-look at some members of governing bodies who have no interest of the pupils at heart.

As a matter of urgency, parents need to speak out. As for the bigger picture of anti-competitive conduct and exorbitant prices, the rot stops now. The price of uniform and bully principals must fall.

Dhayalan Moodley


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