Shallcross woman’s decomposed body found in vehicle

Vijayalakshmi Moodley.

A 45-year-old Shallcross woman’s decomposed body was discovered in the backseat of a vehicle in Davaram Street, on Monday.

Police are investigating the matter further and at this stage, no arrests have been made. Chatsworth SAPS responded to the scene after the victim’s nephew made the shocking discovery.

The victim was identified as Vijayalakshmi ‘Veronica’ Moodley. The eThekwini Inner South Cluster communications officer, Priya Nunkumar said the victim’s decomposed body was found wrapped in blankets in the backseat of a broken down vehicle in her yard.

According to the victim’s sister, she became worried when she did not hear from her sister in two weeks. She then sent a family member over to the victim’s house.

“My nephew fed the dogs, while his parents searched the premises. As my nephew reached for the dog food which my sister kept in the broken down car in her yard, he noticed a human leg,” she said.

The family immediately contacted the Chatsworth SAPS. The cause of death has not been established as yet.

The eThekwini Inner South Cluster commander, Maj Gen Keerath Nunkumar said that members of the Chatsworth SAPS will be working around the clock to investigate the case.

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