Community crime fighters empowered at workshop

The Lotus Park Community Police Forum Reaction Unit members.


The Lotus Park Community Police Forum Reaction Unit members attended a CPF guidance workshop in a bid to enhance their fight against crime which has been plaguing the area, recently.

The workshop was conducted by Mbuso Shobede of the Department of Safety and Liaison for the province. The attendees were taken through details of elaborate support structures that are in place and available to members while working under the banner of the CPF.

Reaction Unit PRO, Abel Arumugam said, “The knowledge gained at the workshop will no doubt enhance their crime prevention and combating skills leading to a more effective unit. All patrol members are now more confident, knowing that their crime fighting skills have been enhanced and that they will be working within the frame work of the law.”

He further added, “The Reaction Unit members are pleased to see their efforts are paying off, judging by the decline in petty crime in the area. Time and effort by the team members are given wholeheartedly to ensure the community has a peace of mind when it comes to crime.”

The forum thanks the members of the Lotus Park Community Whatsapp Group for their vigilance and reporting crime in progress.

Forum chairman, Denzil Reddy said, “One aspect that is clear is that for the crime fighting initiative in any community to be effective, a wholehearted approach must be adopted by the community at large. We therefore appeal to the Lotus Park community to buy into our efforts.”

“We would like to form groups of street representatives in each road of Lotus Park. The group will be based in their roads and linked to the main body. This system is currently very successful in a few roads of the area. We would like to formalise this and be more effective in our crime fighting efforts,” added Reddy.

For more information or if you wish to join (appeal confined to Lotus Park area), contact Denzil Reddy (chairman) on 074-843-6103 or Ashwin Mahipath (secretary)on 073-438-3893 or Abel Arumugam (Reaction Unit PRO) on 082-772-6075.


Nadia Khan

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