Karate is a good way to become disciplined

There are great advantages to young people learning karate which develops their balance, co-ordination, self-confidence and discipline.

This traditional martial art form focuses on the development of youngster’s positive attitude, behaviour and character through building self-esteem and self-discipline. It is extremely important that parents get their children to participate in free karate classes held every Saturday mornings at the Nelson Mandela Chatsworth Youth Centre from 8am to 9am starting this weekend for 2017.

Run by the Shito-Ryu Karate Institute, qualified instructors have trained hundreds of youth over the last 13 years at the youth centre. Classes cater for residents from five to 25-years-old.

Devan Pillay, a community activist, and well-known karate and fitness instructor encourages youth to attend. “Karate is also about discipline. Generally a person who enters a karate class will see that people will bow to each other, call the instructor Sensei (teacher) and conform to the rules and guidelines set forth by the club which is all part of discipline. Most difficult people can be taught humility simply by being in an environment where it is practised. Concentration is also important in karate and something you must learn. People also feel good when they are healthy. Things we strive to achieve in our daily life,” Pillay said.

There’s no need for karate suits when one joins classes in the beginning. Comfortable clothing will do. For more information, contact Clive Pillay on 061-429-2574 or email: [email protected] or Devan Pillay on 084-701-6078.


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