Refrain from drinking and driving this festive season


Every year, numerous people die during the festive season due to fatal car crashes. This is mostly because of speeding and drinking while under the influence of alcohol.

The SANBS needs a collection of 3, 000 units of blood from donors every day, and only six percent of the donated blood is used for casualties from accidents.

Twenty-seven percent is used for medical cases, 26 percent for childbirth and gynaecological cases, 21 percent for surgical cases, 10 percent for paediatric cases, six percent for orthopaedic cases, and six percent for research and laboratory.

I recently donated blood for the first time.  I wasn’t into the idea, but eventually I was motivated to donate because my blood will save a life.

Likewise, drivers must visualise the same analogy when driving during this festive season that by them driving safely. They are saving the life of those inside their vehicle and those on the left and right lanes.

D Naidoo

Durban resident

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