A suggestion to Chatsworth’s first museum

Chairman of Savera Hotel, Dhilosen Pillay.

The 1860 Museum, which celebrated Indian history, was launched at the Savera Hotel and is a commendable initiative by the Hotel Savera chairman, Dhilosen Pillay. Establishing a museum to celebrate Indian history is definitely innovative thinking. Well done!

We, as a community, have no footprint in the country despite us being here for 156 years.  My serious concern though is the location of the museum as this is supposed to a place where especially young children of an impressionable age are to visit and learn about the trials and tribulations of our forefathers.

The close proximity to the drinking establishment  and a tote agency within the hotel will not only be unsavoury for children , and those who do not frequent drinking and gambling establishment, but it would also result in many people feeling uncomfortable bringing along their families.

My suggestion would be in light of the dwindling numbers in many schools in and around Chatsworth, perhaps a vacant school could be used for the purpose. I am certain that with many role players, such as MEC Ravi Pillay, Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer, Logie Naidoo, and many others, they could assist in ensuring that this museum is established in a more appropriate location.

Dhayalan Moodley

Mobeni Heights


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