Letter to the editor: Take a bow, Mr Vic Pillay

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It was so good to read about our stalwart, Mr Vic Pillay, who attended the sod turning ceremony. Let me remind residents that Mr Pillay made an invaluable contribution and sacrifice for sports and community organisations for well over 50 years.

Take a bow Mr Pillay. I hope to get an opportunity over a cup of tea and reminiscence of your life time achievements especially in sports.

These achievements are priceless. Let us also not forget the sacrifices made by our forefathers and the invaluable contribution they played in the history of South Africa. We must also not forget the rich culture that they brought with them 156 years ago.

Sadly, our present generation has shown total disrespect to our forefathers who toiled selflessly for us to have a better life. The delay of erecting the monument has been slow. Six years ago, the provincial government allocated R10 million for the erecting of the monument.

Such a monument will capture and sacrifice against all odds the struggles of our forefathers, who in spite of poor working conditions overcame all odds.

It is time for the 1860 committee members to seek guidance and co-opt some of our leading community members, who I am certain will ensure that things get done so that the community and our future generation will benefit.  I hope and pray come this time next year, hopefully, the monument will be completed as this will unite all South Africans.

Dhayalan Moodley

Mobeni Heights

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