Letter to the editor: Violation of human rights

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The South African Hindu Dharma Sabha has been inundated with numerous complaints from Hindus regarding racist and anti-Hindu comments related to Diwali posted on social media.

In pursuance, the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha requests you to use your relevant departments to act decisively and appropriately against the two individuals concerned in the best interests of the South African nation.

The relevant comments from Dawie Kriel and Will Mac Gibbon made Hindu residents extremely upset. The South African Dharma Sabha cannot and will not allow anyone to trample upon Hindu sensitivities with impunity. Enough is enough. To these evil Hindu-bashers, we say so far and no further. Stop or be stopped.

Clearly, these prejudicial and poisonous comments are insensitive, offensive, harmful, divisive and disingenuous.

The vitriolic comments constitute a gross violation of human rights and flagrant flouting of cardinal national government policies in respect of social cohesion, human solidarity and nation building through unity in diversity by enhancing inter-religious, inter-cultural and inter-racial understanding, goodwill and harmony through accommodating divergent perspectives and practices within the framework of the law.

The dangerous comments may ignite an anti-Indian sentiment and provoke racial tensions. They may be construed as inciting hatred and violence against Indians.

The unwarranted and baseless comments are not only misleading and mischievous but tantamount to unbridled denigration of the glorious Hindu religion.

They will only serve to fan the flames of religious hatred and hostility. The crass comments are patently inconsistent with the provisions of our constitution and will certainly tarnish the image of South Africans.

Diwali ethos of caring and sharing, healing and helping, friendship and fellowship as well as generosity and goodwill will be promoted to flourish freely in our beloved South Africa.

President of the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha

Ram Maharaj



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