Toxic waste illegally dumped in Welbedacht

The toxic waste which was illegally dumped.

A health catastrophe is waiting to explode in the Welbedacht area after toxic waste was illegally dumped into a resident’s yard, a few days ago.

Pandemonium broke out after residents went into a panic and became ill by the fumes omitted from the waste. Authorities were called in to conduct tests and establish if the substance is hazardous and is a direct threat to human life.

Sources reveals that one person was arrested for illegal dumping of toxic waste and angered community leaders, community policing forum members and ward councillors gathered at the scene to discuss a way forward.

Environmentalists in the Chatsworth area said the problem of illegal dumping needs to be adequately addressed and perpetrators need to be given hefty fines or face jail time if they fail to adhere to the rules of the law.

Speaking to journalists, a man living in the area for 12 years and in close proximity to the dumped waste said he was shocked when he found the sludge near his home.

“We are tired of people using the area to dump and enough is enough. This is the last straw for us and we need the relevant authorities to help eradicate this problem,” he said.

Meanwhile, local councillors and community policing forum members said illegal dumping is becoming a serious cause for concern and there are other related incidents which are being addressed. Montford Community Policing Forum member, Rogers Chinsamy, said a meeting will be held on Thursday to address the issue.​

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