Child critically injured in explosion

The child sustained burns to his hands, chest and stomach.

A primary school child was severely injured while his two brothers sustained moderate injuries after a detonator accessory cord exploded at their home in the Burlington Informal Settlement, on Wednesday.

According to reports at the Malvern SAPS, the boy picked up the detonator when he came across it lying on the ground while on his way home from school.

Communications officer of the Malvern SAPS, W/O Radhika Marimuthu, said, “With his school project at the back of his mind, he picked the cord and took it home. That evening while his father watched television, the boy and his brothers tried to conclude the assignment. They connected the apparent wire to a set of remote control batteries.”

According to the family, there was a loud bang and the one bedroom house was filled with smoke. ”The minor and his brothers ran out of the house followed by the father. A few metres away from the house, the father found the minor on the floor unconscious and covered in blood. The child was rushed to a local hospital where he has been admitted and stabilised. His brothers were treated and discharged,” added W/O Marimuthu.

The child sustained burns to his hands, chest and stomach. The SAPS Explosive Unit visited the scene and indicated that the wire was a detonator accessory cord that was used to blow up or detonate huge rocks and mountain paths, etc.

Lt Col Valarine Reddy visited the minor in hospital and reiterated that wires should not be picked up, but rather the authorities should be informed of such occurrences.

“Adults and children are advised not to pick up wire that resembles electric cords. Even if the wire seems safe, it could be high voltage and cause injury and damage,” she added.

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