Paraplegic seriously injured in dog attack

Adrian Nundlall received 40 stitches to his right leg following the dog attack.

A 41-year-old paraplegic was mauled by a vicious dog while he was driving his motorised wheelchair on Equality Road in Croftdene on Friday night.

After receiving over 40 stitches to his right leg and treatment for tetanus, Adrian Nundlall, who is also a diabetic, said he is appalled by the manner in which the owner of the dog reacted to the situation.

Reliving the horrific experience, Nundlall claimed, “I am living in the Cheshire Village for the past nine years and frequent the tuck shop to purchase small items when necessary. On the night of the attack, I was on my way back from the tuck shop, which was closed, when I heard the ferocious barking of a dog. I continued to make my way home when the dog jumped at me and viciously attacked me. Someone from the home which the dogs belonged to pulled the dog away from me and took it home. I was left to drive back home and did not get any assistance from the owners of the dog.”

Angered physically challenged residents said the same dog attacked another paraplegic from the home a while ago and urged the relevant authorities to take action against the reckless and negligent pet owner.

Nundlall reported the incident to Metro Police and said the incident had affected his job as well as his life. “I work at the Greyville Racecourse as a telephone betting call centre agent and if my leave expires, I will not get paid. This will have a negative impact on my finances. I am also a diabetic and my concern is the seriousness of the injury and the fact that it will not heal properly,” he said.

Nundlall previously worked as an armed response security officer and was shot five times during an armed robbery in Kharwastan. He sustained four gunshot wounds to the abdomen and one to his spinal cord, which caused his paraplegia in 2002.

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