Woodhurst residents face health risks after storm

The faeces that that were found on the couple’s property.

An elderly Woodhurst couple who has been fighting a losing battle for the past four decades is calling for the municipality’s intervention.

The recent heavy downpour has led to an overflow of water, faeces and dirt at the couple’s Leo Avenue home.   According to Jessica Mothilal, her parents have been residing at their house for the past 43 years and have had to bear the consequences of having manholes on their property.

“Each time there is a storm, we experience the same problem. We have been requesting for the municipality to address the issue for the past 40 years. When we do report the matter, they come over and clean up the area and the problem is fixed temporarily until there is a storm again. We are pleading for the municipality to remove or reposition the manholes. It has been one week since the last storm and the problem has not been addressed,” she said.

Mothilal added, “This issue poses numerous health risks not only to my family but to our neighbours as well. My 78-year-old father has to clean up the area using basic detergents, which unfortunately cannot eliminate the health risks associated with the waste that emanates from the manholes. With the high rates that we pay, we deserve proper and a respectable service. We are requesting for the municipality to resolve this issue before we face another storm.”

A comment from the municipality could not be obtained at the time of going to print. However, the feedback received in regards to this issue will be published when it becomes available.

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