New blood room launched at RK Khan Hospital

Members of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha and RK Khan Hospital.

The official launch of the blood room at the RK Khan Hospital, which was sponsored by the South African Hindu Maha Sabha, took place, last Tuesday. The reason for launching the blood room is mainly because the hospital did not have proper facilities to do blood tests.

Three cubicles were built to facilitate the process of doing blood tests with dignity and privacy as previously patients would be attended to in full view of all present. The SAHMS’s Project 108 was responsible for financing this project and it was developed in conjunction with the Women’s Group of the sabha.

It is a public-community initiative, one of many in which the SAHMS is involved. The goal is to mobilise community resources to support the poor and indigent, against the background of budget constraints in the public sector.

The principle of hospitality and charity is one of the important hallmarks of Hinduism.  Hindus are expected to give money, goods or time for welfare and charity projects without any expectation of reward (Nishkam Karma).

It is common knowledge that there are numerous problems plaguing the community such as poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, moral degeneration, crime, etc. The sabha and its affiliates are addressing these issues in various platforms and on the ground.

The unveiling of the plaque was done by Dr Subban, Chief Superintendent of RK Khan Hospital, and Mr Ramjaguth.


Nikita Chiniah

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