School teacher arrested for drunken driving

A Chatsworth school teacher was arrested for reckless and negligent driving and drunken driving after he allegedly rammed into another vehicle on Road 701, last week.

According to police reports, Don Sookraj, was arrested and placed under police guard at a local hospital. Sukraj was charged in abstentia for reckless and negligent driving and drunken driving on Monday at the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court.

According to Montford resident, Farima Singh, her two sons, aged 21 and four, were on their way to a nearby quick shop to buy milkshake when the accident occurred.

“It was my birthday and my four-year-old son wanted milkshake so his brother took him to the shop. A few minutes later, we received a call saying my children were injured in an accident not far from our home. We rushed to the scene to find the area cordoned off with police tape and the vehicle was surrounded by police vehicles and ambulances,” she said.

Singh added, “Fearing the worst, we ran to our kids to find that my older son had a deep laceration to the knee, as well as other injuries. My four-year-old son had a swollen bruised elbow. We thank God that the injuries were not fatal and that our children had been saved by His grace. We pray that the courts meter out a justified sentence to the accused, who was supposed to be a role model to young children in the community.” Anyone who may have witnessed the accident can contact Det Cnst Govender at the Chatsworth SAPS on 031 451-4259.

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