GRAPHIC IMAGES: Mum (65) survives brutal assault by son

The victim could not move her arm after the assault.

A 33-year-old Westcliff man faces charges of kidnapping and assault after he allegedly assaulted his 65-year-old mother and kept her locked in her home since September last year. Priyesh Sankarparsad was arrested on Wednesday after neighbours alerted police about him locking up his injured mother at their home in Shady Avenue.

Sankarparsad spent two nights in the Chatsworth SAPS holding cells before appearing in the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court on Friday. He was released on bail of R2, 000 and will reappear in court on April 7, 2016. According to police at the scene, the woman had called for help through the window of her home and when neighbours noticed that her eye was bleeding, they called for assistance from the police.

Police had to break the locks on two gates to get the pensioner out of the house to receive the urgent medical attention she required. The traumatised mother of three said this was the seventh assault she endured at the hands of her ‘short-tempered’ son, who she raised as a single parent after his father passed away when he was two-years-old.

The 65-year-old pensioner suffered severe injuries during the assault.

The 65-year-old pensioner suffered severe injuries during the assault.

“I was accused of taking my daughter-in-law’s ring and tried to explain to my son that I did not take the ring. He insisted that I took it. I told him that it was probably the new domestic worker who he had employed who took the ring but he refused to understand and he began to get extremely angry. He then started punching me and I fell on my bed. I tried to get up but he punched me and kicked me. I fell onto the floor where he kept kicking and punching me on my head and body. I thought I was going to die. He told me if he killed me, nobody will come to know,” the distraught mother claimed.

She added, “After he assaulted me, he left my room and the next morning, he and his wife locked me up in the house again and went to work. I was a prisoner in my own home for many months. The phone lines were cut so I could not contact anyone. This is not the first time that I had been severely beaten by my son and I know that it would not be the last time. I never thought that I would survive this beating as this was the worst. While he hit me, my body became limp and when I could not move any longer, I thought I was dead and will finally wake up in heaven where I would no longer have to fear my own child,” she said.

The bruise on the pensioners back.

The bruise on the pensioners back.

Confirming the incident, Chatsworth SAPS’s cluster communications officer, Col Veldhuizen, said, “On Wednesday at about 10:30am, members of the Chatsworth SAPS received a complaint of domestic violence in Shady Avenue. When they arrived, they saw an elderly woman screaming for help from the window.” According to Col Veldhuizen, police found that the gate to the driveway was locked and jumped over the fence to assist the woman.

“They also discovered that the security gates at the house were locked, but was informed by the complainant that the back door was unlocked. The complainant was crying and police officer observed that she was bruised and sustained an injury to her left eye, and called for an ambulance. She informed the police that she was locked inside the house by her son after he assaulted her. The police obtained authority from the complainant to cut the back security gate open with bolt cutters and she was treated at the scene. Her son arrived shortly after that and was arrested and detained. A case of assault and kidnapping was opened and is being investigated,” she added.

CPF chairman, Jakes Singh, said, “We condemn actions of this nature where children assault their elderly parents. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable especially when our senior citizens have to endure physical and emotional abuse. We also appeal to victims of these circumstances to seek help at an early stage and not allow themselves to endure ongoing abuse. The CPF has an office at the Chatsworth SAPS and welcomes members of the community to come through and discuss issues affecting them.”

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