Principal released on bail following sexual assault case

A protest was held outside court on the day of Singh's appearance.

After being arrested on charges of sexual assault and spending one night in the Chatsworth SAPS holding cells, Elora Primary School principal, Anil Singh, was released on bail of R1, 000, on Tuesday.

The well-known principal appeared in the Chatsworth Magistrates Court briefly, and was represented by attorney Logan Govender, who said he cannot speak on behalf of his client as they have not conversed regarding the details of the case.

He faces one charge of sexual assault laid against him by a female teacher at the school. The traumatised 32-year-old teacher, who did not want to be named, said that she is under a lot of stress since the incident and has not returned to school.

The single mother of two said, “This is a very stressful time for me and I am shocked regarding the details surrounding the events following me formally charging the principal. The incident happened on January 26 and it was difficult for me to come to terms with what had transpired and subsequently report the matter to the police. I also contacted the governing body chairman who had not taken any action and offered no support.”


Principal of Elora Primary School, Anil Singh.

She added, “The details of the assault are so disturbing that I do not wish it upon anyone. To know that the principal has young children in his care is a worrying factor for me as he cannot be trusted and has tarnished his credibility by performing such acts on me. This incident has made me feel violated and although two people close to the principal have threatened me and my elderly father, I will not sit back and let Mr Singh get away with what he has done.”

Meanwhile, angered parents who have threatened to stage a protest and take their children out of the school say that Singh has returned to school despite the serious charge against him and are upset that he is allowed near their children although he is being investigated for such serious allegations.

“Our children are traumatised after seeing the principal being accompanied by armed bodyguards at the school,” said the irate parents.

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