Grandmother and children survive house fire

The room where the fire started.

Two children and their grandmother escaped uninjured after a fire gutted their family home in Montford on Sunday.

According to Patricia Das, 30, her five-year-old son had been playing with matches in his bedroom when the incident occurred.

“My husband and I went to the shop and left the children with my mother. My older son went into the bedroom and after a while, he came back downstairs and sat down quietly. A neighbour who noticed black smoke being emitted from the bedroom window ran to my house to notify my mum,” she said.

Angie Lutchman assists the Das family to clean up their home.

Angie Lutchman assists the Das family to clean up their home.

Das told journalists that her son informed her that he had been playing with matches and lit some paper. “He threw the paper out of the window but some of it landed on the pillow, which caught alight. He then ran downstairs as he was scared when he saw the pillow on fire. He is now traumatised and we are considering sending him for counselling,” she added.

The family is thankful that there were no injuries during the incident, however, are in dire straits following the fire as it engulfed the entire first floor of their double storey home, destroying all their belongings.

“We urge residents to keep matches, lighters and other flammable material out of the reach of children. This incident could have been fatal and we thank God for the safety of our loved ones,” added Das.

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