Talented soccer player killed in accident

Roderick Pillay.

The soccer fraternity is mourning the loss of former Chatsworth resident and talented soccer player, Roderick Pillay who was killed in an accident in Johannesburg, recently.

In paying tribute, chairman of Blackpool Football Club, Harris Pillay said, “Upon receiving the news, I was shocked and saddened by his demise. Having met Roderick during the festive season while on holiday in Durban, I noticed that he was a great, humble and respectable young man who in his prime represented Blackpool Football Club.”

“He was a natural defender, talented, a stumbling block and walked away with three prestigious titles in succession as the club’s footballer of the year. Due to circumstances, he had to move to Johannesburg and our club had to bid farewell to him, and now we bid farewell to him forever,” he added.

While his family, community and football colleagues are devastated by the loss, they trust that justice will take its course. His family and friends miss him dearly. The late Roderick Pillay was cremated at the Clare Estate Crematorium in Durban, on Saturday, January 30. The memorial service will be held on Wednesday, February 10.

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