Missing man could be linked to skeletal remains

Rowan Pillay.

A Montford mother is hoping that the remains of a skeleton found in Welbedacht a week ago, is not that of her son, who went missing a week before Christmas.

Cookie Pillay and her husband, Cliffy began the frantic search for their 33-year-old son, Rowen Navendren Pillay, after he went missing and continuously prayed for his safe return since then.

However, they were dealt a blow when residents of Welbedacht contacted them after they discovered the remains of a man, whose body was badly decomposed.

Rowen’s distraught sister, Jessie, said, “We were contacted by some people who said that they found the body of a man and we should check with the police regarding the man’s identity. Our contact details were in the missing person article that was published in the local newspapers. We realised that the clothing found on the body matched the description of my brother’s clothing and contacted the police. A DNA test will be conducted on Wednesday to determine if he is my brother.”

Since the discovery of the remains, the family is battling to cope and continue to pray that the DNA’s do not match. Pillay was unemployed and is the father of a one-year-old girl.

Communications officer of the Chatsworth SAPS, Lt Cheryl Pillay, said, “This office can confirm that the Chatsworth SAPS is searching for a missing person, Rowan Pillay and at this stage of the investigation, police can reveal that on January 19, the remains of a skeleton was found in Welbedacht East.”

Lt Pillay added, “The family of the missing person, Rowan Pillay have consulted with the investigating officer. At this stage, police are continuing with their investigations with the purpose identifying the remains of the skeleton. We appeal to the family to be patient until all processes have been completed by the state.”

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