‘Chatsworth is a dump’- residents

An illegal dumping spot in Croftdene.

A health catastrophe is waiting to explode on the doorstep of Chatsworth homes and unless something is done urgently to address the situation, the area will rapidly decay and continue to become a hazard to the community and may cause wide spread diseases to break out.

Health risks as well as various other concerns surfaced after some irate residents have claimed that Chatsworth harbours pigs, who keep their own yards clean and resort to illegally dumping their dirt on the streets. Once a beautiful suburb, Chatsworth is now referred to as ‘filthy’ and ‘disgusting’ as the streets have become more and more polluted with dirt strewn on sidewalks, pavements and pathways. Residents are furious over the irresponsible behaviour of people who keep dumping dirt and rubble in their suburb.

On Thursday, a Telkom technician and a safety and security officer employed by the Metro Police department ensured the safety of school children crossing the road to school, removed dirt strewn on Lenny Naidoo Drive so that school children could walk on the pavement safely instead of avoiding the dirt and walking on the busy main road.

The technician, Rugs Padayachee, said, “I had to remove the dirt which was obviously illegally dumped by residents in the vicinity. The bin bags were torn by stray animals looking for food and the dirt, a lot of which was old food, were left right next to the telephone connection box, which needed to be repaired. I had to try to remove as much of the dirt as possible so that I could get to the box to do my job. Residents need to be more responsible as this poses a huge threat to children and stray animals.”

The dirt that was strewn across the road in Lenny Naidoo Drive.

The dirt that was strewn across the road in Lenny Naidoo Drive.

Safety and security officer who performs scholar patrol duties in Lenny Naidoo Drive, Theresa Chetty, expressed her disgust at the scene which was cleared only two days later when members of DSW did their routine dirt pick-up.

“I stand at this point every day and my concern is the children who walk to school and have to walk on the road because the pavement is scattered with dirt. It emanates a disgusting stench which I have to tolerate, together with the children who use this road to get to school. Residents dump a lot of food into these black bin bags and when they leave it on the roads earlier than the day DSW collects the bags, dogs and cats tear it apart.

Chairman of the Silverglen Self Help Committee, Shaun Hammond, who was also instrumental in the upkeep of the Silverglen Nature Reserve, which was largely polluted with residents of Chatsworth and surrounding areas using the reserve as a dumping facility, was infuriated when asked about the dumping in the community of Chatsworth.

“I am absolutely embarrassed as Chatsworth was described not too long ago, in a national newspaper, as a dump! At a public NCOP meeting, the city manager pleaded with residents of Chatsworth to be clean and said that he was shocked to see that people in Chatsworth live this way,” he said.

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