Cops zone in on animal abusers


Members of Malvern SAPS have adopted a zero tolerance approach to pet owners who neglect their pets, with two successful convictions and one matter on trial.

A case of animal cruelty was reported to Malvern SAPS by the SPCA, where a woman had a number of dogs, cats, snakes, birds, bearded dragons, rats, mice and hamsters on her property.

When the SPCA visited the property, they found the animals kept in conditions which were not conducive and filled with the stench of animal waste. The SPCA removed starving, diseased and neglected dogs from the property as well as other animals.

The owner of the property, Diane Ingram, was charged, appeared in court and was convicted on seven counts of animal cruelty with a fine of R3, 000 for each count.

In a separate incident, a case was opened by the SPCA against a woman in the Malvern area who kept three dogs in a diseased state. She was arrested, charged and given a conviction of R6, 000 or six months imprisonment.

In an on-going case, the SPCA opened a case against a Malvern man who allegedly chained a dog which did not have access to food and water and had started to eat his paws. The trial in this matter is still continuing.

Acting station commander, Cpt Thomas, said the convictions were testimony to the intense work put in by his members on the cases of animal cruelty.

Corporate communications officer at Malvern SAPS, W/O Marimuthu, cautions pet owners on the keeping of pets and had the following hints, advice and warnings for them:

  • If you do not have the means to take care of a pet, please do not keep them.
  • If you do not have the wellbeing of a pet at heart, do not even think of keeping one.
  • If there is no compassion, human kindness, love and mercy in you then don’t even think about a pet at all.
  • Pets look to their owners for love, kindness and affection and they cannot complain if an injustice is done to them.
  • Even if an injustice is done to them pets still have love in their hearts, which humans with no feeling, fail to see.
  • If you are an animal hoarder, seek treatment.
  • Malvern SAPS works very closely with the SPCA and other animal organisations to curb animal cruelty. Offenders guilty of cruelty to animals will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Malvern SAPS can be contacted on 031-489-9619, 031-489-9620 or 031-489-9630.

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