Silverglen land invasion sparks concern

Residents in the area feared that the beautiful Durban Metropolitan Open Space Systems (DMOSS) area in Silverglen Drive was under a serious threat and called the Land Invasion Unit, who responded within minutes.

Installation of pathway street lights welcomed

According to residents living in the area, there had been numerous incidents of mugging and robberies especially during winter, when people leave early and there was no lighting.

Dumping site transformed into mini park

Costing an estimate amount of about R200,000, the land situated in Road 713, Montford now boasts a variety of plants and trees, a jungle gym and a slide for children to enjoy.

Cleaning up the Hime Street flats

The awareness and education programme was conducted by various speakers and encouraged the community to get involved by taking control of the waste and crime issues in these areas.

Physically challenged man’s plea falls on deaf ears

The 68-year-old cash-strapped amputee is left distressed every time he tries to exit and enter his home as a municipal manhole, which is situated in front of his driveway, restricts his access to the road.