Deputy mayor addresses civic issues in Moorton

These issues included, land invasion, property value, crime, sanitation, electricity theft, parks department, water restrictions, the shifts of the Metro Police and the SAPS.

Land owner forced to stop excavation on Lakeview Drive

Cllr Govender did the relevant investigations and found that the developer had nothing from council authorities permitting him to execute any work in that highly sensitive DMOSS protected area.

Service delivery in full swing at Sunset Avenue

This road is viewed as a vibrant hub of Chatsworth that requires to be regenerated so it functions smoothly and optimally for users, the public and for the many businesses on the road.

Residents irate over unhealthy living conditions

Speaking about the health hazard, Teddy Naidoo, who lives in close proximity to the burst sewer in Almond Road, said he is tired of notifying the relevant authorities about the problem.