Land owner forced to stop excavation on Lakeview Drive

Cllr Govender did the relevant investigations and found that the developer had nothing from council authorities permitting him to execute any work in that highly sensitive DMOSS protected area.

Minority Front hosts colourful Holi celebration

The MF leader believes that Holi is a time to reflect on the pure devotion of child devotee, Praladh Maharaj. “In life, we should all aspire to remain in the mode of goodness which we possess in childhood,” she said.

Lotus Park community calls for police visibility

A local business owner and the Lotus Park CPF deputy chairman, Younus Deedat, whose daughter was also a victim of a hijacking earlier this year, said he fears for his children’s lives and has to keep their shop gates closed at all times.

Young woman shares the magic of poetry

The young woman who is inspired by William Shakespeare and Beau said that the first time she decided to write a love poem, she was confused but quickly fell in love with the art form.

A special treat for elderly residents

Social work manager at ABH, Kogie Govender expressed her appreciation for the kind gesture which offered the elderly a rare opportunity to enjoy a fantastic day out, the fresh air and the Durban sunshine.